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Textbook Sufficiency 09.09.14 Minutes

Textbook Sufficiency meeting minutes

Diablo Community Day School Site Council Meeting

Minutes for Textbook Sufficiency on 9/9/2014


  • Members present:Erika Martinez, Eli Carranza, Tracy Carranza, Billy Becker, Brian McLean, Linda Pete, Chris Carranza

  • Kim Cowell (other school staff member) is not present.Ms. Pete will meet with Kim to share data and ask for her vote/recommendations when she returns to work


  • Purpose of today’s meeting:To review and vote to accept textbook sufficiency report

  • Eli Carranza helped Ms. Pete with her presentation

  • Erika Martinez was assigned the duties of managing the sign sheet and tallying the votes

  • Ms. Pete went over the textbook sufficiency Matrix for all books used for all courses at Diablo Day

  • Ms. Pete needs to correct numbers for Algebra students and books.Numbers are reversed

  • Mr. Becker made a motion for, “All in favor that Diablo Day is textbook sufficient to raise their hand and say I”.All six Site Council members raised their hand and said “I” (E. Martinez, E. Carranza, T. Carranza, B. Becker, B. McLean, and L. Pete

  • Ms. Pete offered an opportunity for Public Comments

  • Mr. Becker said, “Diablo Day is very well stocked with appropriate texts for the students at our school site

  • Ms. Pete asked the student representatives if they had any questions or comments

  • Ms. Pete mentioned that Back to School Night is Oct. 2

  • Ms. Pete also mentioned that Diablo Day is now a Title 1 school and we will have a Title 1 Parent Meeting in October

  • Ms. Pete informed the group that T. Carranza has agreed to continue as a Site Council member in the role of “community member” even though her student will leave Diablo Day shortly.E. Martinez will continue as one of our student reps also.

  • New Site council member training and Title 1 information in October.More information later and it will also be posted on our web page.

  • Meeting adjourned at 3:25

  • Mr. Chris Carranza arrived at 3:30

  • Ms. Pete reviewed the textbook matrix forms with Mr. Carranza

  • Mr. Carranza wrote his name in the box with all members who voted for recommending that Diablo Day is textbook sufficient

  • On Friday, Sept. 19 Ms. Pete met with Kim Cowell to review/discuss textbook sufficiency.

  • Kim voted to approve the reports regarding textbook sufficiency