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History of Garden

The 2017-18 school year is Lesley Stiles' and Stephanie Jacobs' eighth year working with the ever changing student population at Diablo Community Day School.  In 2008 our garden ladies approached our school staff to present the benefit of having a school garden.  They were particularly interested in reaching out to students in our program that were missing out on this educational course, which is being offered on other campus within our district.


After receiving approval from the district and Diablo Community Day School, our garden instructors were able to add our school to their Kaiser Permanente grant.  Ground was broken in October 2008, with the help of Master Gardener, Jerris Hogue, to build the eight raised boxes that are the heart of the garden and to install valves to supply water to each box.  Students were taught how to mix compost and soil to fill the boxes and how to install the irrigation pipes and emitters within the boxes.


At the beginning of the program Lesley and Stephanie became aware of the limited repertoire of foods the students actually ate.  So the first tasting included approximately 12 varieties of apples.  They were sliced for tasting and evaluated by our students.  The sheets the students filled out were given to their math teacher, who used their data to teach them about percentages.


This program has been vital to our students learning important life skills including the handling of utensils in the garden and the kitchen, how to calculate and measure, how to be patient, how to make lifestyle changes in eating habits and how to identify which foods have hidden sugars and fats. 


We hope you will have a conversation with your student regarding their experience in participating in this program.