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Diablo Community Day School

Diablo Community Day School is a school for 7-12 graders that provides a structured learning environment for students who have not had successful school experiences in the areas of attendance, behavior, or academic achievement.  All students are placed here via the MDUSD Student Services Department.  Ideally most students are in this school program for no more than oneyear and then return to an appropriate school placement determined by Student Services or the MDUSD School Board. 

                                                                                                Our students are not at-risk

                                                                            Our students are at possibility


School Contact Information

1026 Mohr Lane

Concord CA  94518


Phone:  925-676-6862

Fax:  925-682-9352

Every Day Counts

  • Absences from school and classes cause students to get less instructional time on information needed to improve academic achievement
  • Absences from school and classes may cause students to get less social and emotional development
  • Truany = 3 or more unexcused absences, or arriving more than 30 minutes late to class and the parent/guardian has no knowledge of where the child is
  • According to the state of California, satisfactory attendance is accomplished when a student has less than 9 absences in a school year

How to Report Absences

Attendance at school affects a student's academic achievement.  Strive to help your student stay healthy.

- Call in your student's absences each day that the student is not able to attend school.  

- You can leave a message on the school phone number 24 hours a day (925-676-6862).

- The parent/caregiver has 72 hours to report an absences before it gets designated as a "truancy".

- Not all absences from school are "excused absences", even if the parent/caregiver reports them to the office

- Refer to our student/family handbook for information regarding "excused absences".


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School Promise

        We promise to:         Promote positive behavior

Respect self, others and school property

Open student’s minds to a new way of thinking

Monitor student progress

Involve  parents and caregivers

Stress safety 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Expect more from every student, every day

Mark Your Calendar

Sept 5 - Labor Day Holiday

Sept 29 - Back to School  5:30 PM

Oct 10 - Teacher In-Service (No School)

Nov 11- Veteran's Day Holiday

Nov 21 - 25 - No School (School Recess, Legal Holiday & Board Holiday)

Dec. 19 - Jan 2 - Winter Recess (No School)

Jan 16 - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Feb 13 - Teacher In-Service (No School)

Feb 20 - President's Day (No School)

Mar 6 - Teacher In-Service (No School)

Mar 31 - Cesar Chavez Day Holiday

April 3- Apr 7 - Spring Recess (No School)

May 29 - Memorial Day Holiday

June 9 - Last Day of School

** Graduation Ceremony date for Diablo Day Students - Tentative June 4 - 11:00 AM at Concord Pavilion

Diablo Community Day School Family

Electronic Device Policy (BP 5131)

The Governing Board believes that the personal use of electronic devices during the school day creates a distraction which interferes with the educational process.  The electronic signaling device must remain turned off during the instructional school day. 

Students who violate this policy will have to turn their electronic device in to the office.  The device will be returned at the end of the school day.

Think.......... Before You Speak

T- Is It True

H - Is It Helpful

I - Is it Inspiring

N - Is it Necessary

K - Is It Kind

If your thought does not fit these criteria then please rephrase it or don't say it.

California Offender Program Service (COPS) classes

  • Classes are held the 1st Saturday of every month (except on July 4, Dec. 26 and Jan. 2)
  • Location = Concord Police Department, 1350 Galindo St, Concord 94520
  • Cost = $30 cash upon entry into the class
  • Time = 9AM - 2PM
  • Bring a bag lunch.  Students will not be able to leave the building
  • Must have referral from school site
  • Parent does not need to attend